Best Practices to be Followed within an Email Body (HTML Guidelines)

Follow the below best practices within the email body before sending an email campaign:

  • Use multiple small images rather than one large image. Spammers generally tend to use one big image hence emails with just one image without any additional content may get flagged as spam.
  • Use text, images, buttons, and bullets as required.
  • Do not use link shorteners, such as links. If the link shortener's domain reputation is bad, your emails could be affected. Furthermore, spammers often use link shorteners. If they use your preferred link shortener, it could negatively impact your emails.
  • Ensure to add a consistent footer with brand details. This helps improve trust with end recipients. Make sure to include the below details in the footer:
    • Brand name
    • Postal address of the company
    • Contact email or phone number
    • Brief detail on the brand
    • Privacy policy link
    • About us or Contact Us link
    • Working Unsubscribe link
    • Social media links/icons
  • Make sure the HTML size of your email body is less than 102 KB. Otherwise, it is clipped in Gmail. Follow the below points to avoid clipping in the WYSIWYG editor:
    • Use default fonts
    • Use padding instead of divider rows
    • Compress images
    • Add more elements in the same row rather than adding multiple rows
    • Don’t add separate rows for mobile-only and desktop-only
    • Reduce the number of links
    • Reduce the number of images - email size, in general,
    • Don’t have empty elements (empty rows, empty content)
  • Make sure the email is visible without having to scroll. This improves engagement.
  • Make emails web and mobile/tablet screen-friendly as most people use emails on their phones.
    • Horizontal scrolling should not be required as it is a bad user experience.
    • HTML should render as expected in dark mode.
  • Do not add links to the background image. This creates accidental clicks when the user might only be trying to scroll and is a bad experience overall.
  • Add CTA wherever required. Reduce the number of clickable links other than the header and footer to 3 to 5 links.
  • Not all images might need a link.
    • Do not over-add links. This bloats the overall email size and increases the chances of clipping.
  • Include text in emails.
    • Maintain a 60:40, text-to-image ratio.
    • Add alternate text for images, so that your users could still know what you meant to include if images are turned off.
      • This improves accessibility for visually impaired recipients.
      • This makes the text easier to read via Siri and Alexa.
    • Use clear and uncomplicated language. This ensures that the email is easy to read and understand.
    • Do not use too many capital letters or exclamations as it looks suspicious.
    • Experiment using the A/B test to check users’s preferences on certain HTML formats/elements, etc.
  • Try theme-based content
      • Mostly relevant to ECOMs and OTTs.
      • Try themes based on popular shows/movies, and holidays.
      • It improves the recipient’s interest.

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