Raise a Support Ticket from the MoEngage Login Page

This section provides step-by-step instructions to raise a support ticket from the MoEngage login page for all issues related to login (username / password, Google Sign-In, SSO), password reset and 2FA.



Ensure that you use the correct URL of the dashboard to raise a ticket.

The following are the available dashboards:

Data Center Name Dashboard URL
DC-01 https://dashboard-01.moengage.com
DC-02 https://dashboard-02.moengage.com
DC-03 https://dashboard-03.moengage.com
DC-04 https://dashboard-04.moengage.com
DC-05 https://dashboard-05.moengage.com


Step 1:

Go to the login page and click on "Contact Support".


Step 2:

Fill the necessary details and click on "Submit".


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