Best Practices to be Followed for Unsubscribe Link

Follow the below best practices while adding an unsubscribe link in email campaigns.

  • Add an unsubscribe link in the email body for all emails except transactional emails.
    • Regardless of whether your email campaign is transactional or not, it is better to include the unsubscribe link as a precaution.
    • The unsubscribe link within the email can also be your preference management page.
  • Include list-unsubscribe headers for all emails except transactional. This is a compliance requirement as per Gmail and Yahoo mandates in 2024.
  • Make sure the unsubscribe link is readily visible.
    • End-users should not have difficulty finding unsubscribe links or buttons; otherwise, they may report spam, which can impact deliverability more negatively than unsubscribing.
  • Honor the Unsubscribe requests within 2 days, if not immediately.
    • While this is a regulatory ask in certain countries, it is as important from a customer experience standpoint.
    • MoEngage suppresses unsubscribed users in near real-time.
    • If you manage unsubscribes and one-click unsubscribes directly, make sure to sync the data with MoEngage in real time.

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