Create SMS Campaign


Configure SMS channel MUST be completed as a one-time implementation task before you can send SMS's via MoEngage

To create an SMS campaign,

  1. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Campaigns,
  2. Click Create Campaign > Connector Campaigns > SMS & Connectors
  3. Click Create to create the SMS campaign for:
      • General 
      • Smart Trigger
      • Connector
      • Facebook Audience


Target Audience


Follow these steps to create a name and select the target audience for the SMS campaign:

  1. Type the name, select the user attribute such as the mobile number and create campaign tags to easily search for the created SMS campaign.
  2. If the campaign type is a Smart Trigger, then SMS campaigns are sent based on trigger conditions. For example, you want to trigger an SMS when the user has opened the app and has not made a purchase within two hours of opening the App.


  3. Select the target audience from one of the following:

    • All users - Allows you to target all your users

    • Filter users by - Allows filtering of users based on the following options:

      • User Property - Allow you to target your user based on user property such as first seen, last seen, city and so on.

      • User Behaviour - Allow you to target your user based on user behavior based on the event such as app/site opened, viewed product and so on. 

      • User Affinity - Allow you to target your user based on user affinity such as predominantly notification clicked, the minimum number of times email viewed on browser and so on. For more information on user affinity, refer to Affinity Segments.

      • Custom Segment - Allows you to target a pre-created custom segment.

  4. Click the Global control group in Enable control groups to create an SMS campaign for a particular control group.
    For more information, refer to Global Control Group.

Click Next or use the tabs on the top of the create campaign navigation.


Follow these steps to create the content for the SMS campaign:


  1. Select the SMS Connector from the SMS sender drop-down. 
  2. Follow these steps to create the content for the SMS:
    • Type the content that is displayed in the SMS in Message.
    • Personalize your message by typing @ in the message box.
    • You will see the character count of your message as well as SMS count.
    • Add the URL in the SMS message to track SMS click for URL.
      MoEngage will use URL shortening services to shorten your URL and then track the users who clicked the URL. 
  3. Test your SMS campaign

Click Next or use the tabs on the top of the create campaign navigation.

Schedule and Goals

Follow these steps to set the schedule at which the SMS campaign is sent and conversion goals for the SMS campaign.


  1. In Send Campaign, select one of the following:
    • As soon as possible - Send the campaign as soon you finish creating it.
    • At specific date and time - Select the date and time at which you want to send the campaign.
    • On a periodic basis - Send the campaign on a recurring basis at a specific frequency.
  2. Set the conversion goal for the SMS campaign and set until when the conversion goal is tracked.
  3. Click Ignore Frequency Cap to ignore the capping for your SMS campaign when you want to ignore the capping but want this campaign to be counted. For example, the frequency capping value is set to three. You have sent three campaigns today to a group of users. You realize that the SMS triggered by this campaign is urgent and should go on high priority even though some customers have already received three campaigns. If you will use Ignore Frequency Cap, people who have already received 3 campaigns will receive this one as well. If you use Count for Frequency capping, people who would have received 2 communications already and send this as well, their receipt count will become 3 after this campaign is sent.
  4. Type the number of requests per minute sent for the SMS campaign. For example, send the request URL with a default of 1000 rpm (minimum of 100 requests per minute).

    If estimated time to send the campaign exceeds 4 hours, we will automatically increase the requests per minute to finish sending in 4 hours.

If you have successfully created the campaign, you will be taken to the Analytics page. For more information refer to Campaign Analytics.


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