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New Customer 

To access MoEngage for the first time:

  • Check whether someone from your company has logged into MoEngage previously and follow the appropriate flow.
Yes No
  1. Have a MoEngage Admin from your company invite you to the account.
  2. Complete the instructions in the welcome mail from
  1. Complete the sign-up here
  2. Complete the instructions in the welcome mail from

Existing Customer

To access MoEngage after the first time, utilize either step.

1. Log in to MoEngage’s dashboard using the login link.  

2. Use Single Sign On through Google, Okta, Azure, or One login account to log in. Read more about Single Sign On here. 

Login Issues

  1. Forgot password
    To reset your password, click Forgot Password on the dashboard login page here and follow the instructions.
  2. OTP verification
    When MoEngage detects login activity from a different device or location, we validate your identity by sending an OTP to your registered email address. Fill in the received OTP in the relevant field. Refer here to know more about OTP verification.

Session Issues

    1. Forced logouts
      If you see a message like this, You have been logged out due to recent security updates. Please login again, it might happen because of the below scenarios:
      • Your role might have changed by Admin/Manager of your account - To update any changes, just re-login. To find out more about roles in MoEngage, refer here
      • Your admin might have enabled Single Sign On -  To update any changes, just re-login using your Identity Provider (Google, Okta, One Login) log in credentials for security purposes.
    2. Session expired
      If you see a message like this, Your session has expired. Please log in again.
      This occurs when your session is not active for a long time. To update any changes, just re-login. 
    3. Site Data
      If you see a message like this, Your session has expired. Please clear your site data to continue: 
      1. Click the ellipsis. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.32.38_PM.png
      2. Select More tools > Developer tools
        Alternatively, press the  Ctrl+Shift+i for Windows and Cmd+Option+i for Mac
      3. Select the Application tab.
        If you don’t see the option, click the '>>' icon to reveal any hidden tabs. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.36.11_PM.png

      4. Select Storage in the left pane and click Clear Site Data in the right pane. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.38.10_PM.png

      5. Select to check all the options.

All stored data for that site will be deleted, and you will be signed out immediately. Login again to access your MoEngage dashboard.

If the problem still persists, you can write to

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