Test users in LIVE environment

Note: Available for Developer role only. 

Creating certain users as Test Users in Live Environment is mandatory to perform segmentation queries and run any campaigns. Segmentation queries and campaigns created by Developers on Live Environment is sent only to the Test users.

In the Test environment, developers do not have any restrictions and can create campaigns for all users, run queries and change app settings. Click here to learn more about Live/Test environment.

Marking users as Test Users

Developers can mark test users using the following two methods:

Method 1:

Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard -> Segmentation -> Custom Segment -> Test Users and perform the following steps:


Step 1: Search users by entering any of the following attributes and click enter:

  • For Android: use Android ID, GAID, IMEI & ID
  • For iOS: use IDFA, IDFV, IMEI & ID
  • For Windows: use ASHWID, IMEI & ID
  • For Web: use ID (refer this doc to assign ID) 


Step 2: In the search results, identify the user intended to be marked as Test User and following actions can be done:

  •  - Mark as Test User
  •  - See User Profile
  •  - See Device Information
  •  - Unmark an already marked test user

Method 2:

Developers can also go to User Profile directly and click on button "Mark Test User". To unmark, click on button "Unmark Test User"


Existing Test Users

To see users who have been marked as Test Users, click on "Existing Test Users" under "Test Users" tab in Segmentations.

Unmark Test Users: Developers can unmark a Test user by clicking on 


In case you are facing any issues or need any help, you can click "Contact Support" under "Need Help?"

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