Add Actions to Flows

Select the channel you want to add to the flow.

Adding Actions in Canvas

On the MoEngage Canvas, do the following:

  1. Click + to add the campaigns.AddCampaignstoFlow.gif
  2. Click one of the campaigns:


    When a user reaches this stage, a push is sent to the user if the user has active devices. Marketers can configure messages for Andriod, iOS, and Web devices simultaneously.

    Marketers can set the new push message (personalize-able on User attributes) or import the message from an existing campaign using the campaign id of that campaign.



    When a user reaches this stage, an email is sent to the active email subscription of the user.

    Marketers can create the email from scratch or use an existing email template.



    When a user reaches this stage, an SMS is sent to the user as per the SMS settings.


    Onsite Message

    When used in the flow, an onsite message will be shown to the user that reaches this stage of the flow when they satisfy the trigger conditions.



    When a user reaches this stage, an in-app message is sent when the user satisfies the trigger condition within the configured schedule for the in-app message.

    You can personalize the in-app message using the user attribute, flow user event attributes, In-App trigger event attribute, and flow entry event attribute.


    When a user reaches this stage, the user will receive a message based on Facebook settings.
  3. Click the pen icon to edit the campaign.
    Click delete to delete the campaign from the flow.

Next Steps

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