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About Amplitude

Amplitude enables you to drive growth through robust product and behavioral analytics. Gain a thorough understanding of exactly what behaviors and traits are common among user segments to inform powerful targeting.

Amplitude <> MoEngage Integration

Enable deeper behavioral and product analysis with MoEngage and Amplitude. Gauge the efficacy of segmentation and experimentation on the customer experience through Amplitude and send personalized messages through MoEngage. Export behavioral cohorts directly from Amplitude to MoEngage or utilize Streams to export data from MoEngage to Amplitude.

Enabling Amplitude <> MoEngage Integration for your account.

  1. The Amplitude <> MoEngage Integration is in a closed beta right now. Please reach out to Amplitude if you would like to join the waitlist.
  2. Once you have the integration enabled for your Amplitude account, you will be able to configure MoEngage as a destination in Amplitude. See the below steps for setting this up.
  3. If this integration is available in your MoEngage plan, there is no additional enablement required for your MoEngage account. If this is not a part of your MoEngage plan, please reach out to your MoEngage Account Manager or write to

Setting up MoEngage as a destination on Amplitude

To setup MoEngage as a destination on Amplitude, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login to Amplitude and Navigate to Sources and Destinations


Step 2: On the Sources & Destinations Page, go to Destinations and click on Add Destination -> MoEngage. On doing this, you will see a pop-up with the below details - 


Step 3: Find MoEngage App Id and Secret Key on the MoEngage Dashboard. Login to your MoEngage Dashboard and navigate to Settings -> API Settings. Pick up the App ID and Secret Key as shown in the below image -


Step 4: The Attribute Mapping should be as below 

  • User Id - This will be the primary key to map a user between Amplitude and MoEngage. Please ensure that you are identifying users with the same unique user id in both Amplitude and MoEngage.
  • moe_anonymous_id: This will be the secondary identifier that will be used to map users between Amplitude and MoEngage and will be essential to map the anonymous users between Amplitude and MoEngage. Please ensure that you are setting moe_anonymous_id as a user attribute in MoEngage and the attribute selection made on the Amplitude dashboard and moe_anonymous_id in MoEngage have the same value so that the mapping is possible.

Step 5: Complete the Destination Setup:

Once everything is configured on the Amplitude dashboard, click Save to add MoEngage as a destination.


Exporting Cohorts from Amplitude to MoEngage

To export specific behavioral cohorts from Amplitude to MoEngage, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open a cohort in Amplitude that you want to sync with MoEngage and Click "Sync To" -> Select MoEngage


Step 2: Once you select MoEngage, a pop-up will appear with the below options -


  • One-Time Sync: This will only send the users under the cohort to MoEngage once and the cohort will not sync thereafter.
  • Scheduled Sync: This option will ensure that the updated information of the cohorts like the new users who qualify for this cohort and the existing users who are removed from the cohort are sent to MoEngage every hour or day.


Using Cohorts in MoEngage Campaigns

After syncing is set up, you would be able to see the cohort as a custom segment in MoEngage like below - 


The custom segment can be used in any MoEngage campaigns to send personalized messages to the users under this segment.



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