New user login 

If you are not the first user on your company’s MoEngage account, reach out to your company’s MoEngage Admin and ask them to invite you to the account. You will then receive a welcome email from alerts@moengage.com asking you to set your password. Click on the action button in the email and set your password.  

Existing user login

Now that you’ve established where you need to log in, let’s talk about how to log in, whether it’s the first time or the billionth. MoEngage has multiple ways to login - 

1. You can either log in to MoEngage’s dashboard using the login link. Use your email id and password to log in. 

2. You can also use Single Sign On and use your Google, Okta, Azure or One login account to log in. Read more about Single Sign On here. 

Frequently Faced Issues

1. Forgot password

Incase you have forgot your password, you can reset it directly from the dashboard.

To reset your password, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the dashboard login page. You will then be prompted to input your email to receive a link to set your password.

2. Force logouts

Do you see the message- "You have been logged out due to recent security updates. Please login again."

Don't worry! This can happen in case of any recent security updates such as 

  • Your role might have been changed. So, to update the changes it is asking you re-login. Click here to know more about roles in MoEngage
  • Your admin might have enabled Single Sign On. So, the system has logged you out and asking you login using your Identity Provider (such as Google, Okta, One login) credentials for security purposes. 

3. Session expired 

Do you see an error message - "Your session has expired. Please re-login again"?

This can happen incase your session is was not active from a long time and has expired. You can simply re-login to access your account. 

4. OTP verification 

Do you see a screen asking you to enter an OTP for verification?

Whenever MoEngage detects login activity from an unusual device or location, we validate your identity by sending an OTP to your registered email address. Just enter your OTP and click Verify to access to your account. Know more about OTP verification

5. Clear storage and site data

Do you see a message - "Your session has expired. Please clear your site data to continue"?

This generally happens when your app version is outdated or stale. You need to clear your storage and site data to continue using MoEngage uninterruptedly. Please follow the steps below-

Google chrome

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top-right corner. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.32.38_PM.png
  2. Select More tools > Developer tools
    Or you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+i for Windows and Cmd+Option+i for Mac. 
  3. After the pane opens, click the Application tab. If you don’t see the option, click the '>>' icon to reveal any hidden tabs and then click Application. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.36.11_PM.png

  4. Once the tab opens up, click Storage in the left pane and select Clear Site Data in the right pane. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_3.38.10_PM.png

  5. Make sure you check all the options underneath.

After you click Clear Site Data, all data stored on your computer for that site will be deleted, and you will be signed out immediately. You can now re-login to access your MoEngage dashboard. If the problem still persists, you can write to support@moengage.com.

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