Analysing a Flow

This article is a step by step guide to analyzing the performance of your published MoEngage Flow. 

Beta Alert

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Overall Stats

As soon as you open your flow, a synopsis of the overall impact of the flows since the flow was first published is shown on the canvas as shown below.


To analyze these metrics it is important to understand the "User Trips" concept within MoEngage flows. A Trip is identified as a unique entry of a user into the flow after satisfying the configured entry conditions.

Why Trips?

While tracking total user entries is an alternative, we identified that auxiliary metrics like unique user entries and unique conversions are to be tracked and reported on every time to remove the ambiguity among the metrics. 

As a Trip uniquely identifies each instance a user might enter a flow over the lifetime of a user, it provides an unambiguous concept that can be extended to every metric you would want to track to analyze the performance of your flow. 

Total Trips are the number of trips that have started within a time period. This is the number of times users have entered into the flow. 

Active trips are the number of trips out of the total trips that have not yet ended i.e. the number of users that are currently in the flow.

Trips that ended already

Trips Ended = Total Trips - Active Trips

Engaged trips are the number of trips in which the user received at least one of the action campaigns during their trip. Another way to look at this metric is that this is the number of trips that could potentially lead to a conversion. 

During a trip, if a user receives multiple campaigns before they exit the flow they would still be counted as part of one engaged trip. 

Converted trips are the number of engaged trips that resulted in at least one conversion during the time of the trip. 
If the Control group is configured to measure the effectiveness of the flow, then percentage uplift is shown here wrt the control group trip's conversions. 

Total Conversions is the total number of conversions that were received from all the converted trips.  

To know more about how conversions are tracked and attributed to flows read this


For a flow with action campaigns C1 and C2, User U1 enters the flow and receives both the campaign and converts with the configured conversion goal 2 times. Now, once the user exits the flow the stats will read
Total Trips: 1
Active Trips: 0
Engaged Trips: 1 (Although the user received both the campaigns it will be treated as one trip)
Converted Trips: 1
Total Conversions:2

Now if User U2 enters the flow but because of some reason (like personalization failure or not having an active device token) does not receive any of the campaigns but does perform the conversion event once. Now After the user exits the flow the stats will be
Total Trips: 2
Active Trips: 0
Engaged Trips: 1 
Converted Trips: 1 
Total Conversions:2

The Engaged trip, converted trip and total conversion do not change since the User U2 was not engaged from either of the flow action campaigns. 

Canvas View

In addition to the overall stats, you can also see the performance of each of the action campaigns configured in the flow. You can also view the node level stats of the number of users that have passed through each node or are currently at that node.  The image below shows that 15 users have passed through it and 0 users are currently waiting at that node.


In addition to analyzing the canvas view for all the user trips, you can also analyze and compare the stats/behavior of users who have entered the flow within a defined time period. As shown in the image below you can filter the canvas view for the user trips that started within the selected date range. 


The overall stats and the node level stats change as per date range selection to only show the performance of the trips that initiated during that time period.

If you want to see the updated stats for the active trips you can click on the Refresh icon next to the date range filter to update both the overall and node-level stats.

Conversion Uplift

Uplift is only shown in overall stats if the Control group was enabled for at least a day during the filtered period.

One Timezone

All stats and dates are in GMT 

Detailed Stats

On clicking the "See Detailed stats" option present below the overall stats table you can open the detailed stats page for your flow. 

Flow Performance

This section shows you the trends of User trips, Engaged Trips, and Converted trips over time. If the control group is enabled during the filtered time then the conversion uplift is also shown. 


While the default view is the overall period the flow has been in the published state, you can filter out the stats for the period of interest by filtering on the dates. 

Engagement Trends

This section helps you to analyze the aggregate channel performances of all the channels that are used in the flow. 

You can select the channel you want to analyze from the list of channels available in the dropdown. The 4 major aggregated metrics of the overall channel performance can be directly compared with the overall flow stats, like in the image below


Key metrics

In the image above. 8 Pushes sent is 31 % of all the outgoing messages, similarly, the 100% delivery rate is obviously better than the average flow delivery rate including all the channels where delivery is tracked.  

To analyze each channel effectively, we have added the Message Attempted count that identifies the total number of messages on that channel that were tried to be sent out, but if for some reason, some of those messages failed to be sent those failures and the reasons are enlisted below the graph. 

Campaign Stats

This section enlists the performance of all the action campaigns configured in the flow. This can help you to compare the individual campaigns across channels. If required you can choose to filter the action campaigns of one particular channel to understand and compare the performance of similar campaigns. 


Attempts are the count of users the campaign tried to deliver the message. It includes the control group users that might have passed through the campaign during their trip and all the users that the campaigns failed to deliver because of any of the failure reasons.
Sent is the count of messages that were successfully sent eventually.
Delivered is tracked for Push & SMS and Opened is tracked for email. In brackets, you can see the delivery rate /open rate for push and email respectively.
Similarly, the total clicks and unique conversions and the CTR and CVR are shown in the last 2 columns.

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