Users who have entered/exited the Flow

To help marketers understand and segment the users 1) who have entered a particular Flow and 2) who have exited the Flow, MoEngage tracks these events:

  1. User Entered Flow with attributes
    1. Flow ID** - The ID of Flow in which the user has entered 
  2. User Exited Flow with attributes
    1. Flow ID - The ID of Flow from which user has exited to know which Flow user has exited from
    2. Stage ID - ID of exit stage so that you can marketers can track which exit block has user exited from. You can click on any Exit block (in Flow Edit mode) to know its stage ID.

**You can find the Flow Id for your campaign by opening your Flow in a new window and copying the string that follows /flows/ from URL e.g. In the below screenshot, 5a8d80c32b8dbc5ff6216d2c is the Flow ID.


Using these events, you can

- Segment how many and which users have entered/exited a specific Flow during certain time duration


- Retarget the users who have Exited a Flow via any of the campaigns (Push/Email/SMS/Connector/Flows) campaigns depending on your use case.




Q1. The number I am getting for User Entered Flow from Segmentation is less than the count shown inside my Flow as Entered?

Ans. Segmentation returns the unique users who have entered the Flow during a certain time duration. In this time duration, if one user has entered twice, the user will be counted once in segmentation while twice in Flow entry stats.

Q2. User Entered Flow/User Exited Flow is being shown in the Trigger Condition dropdown but the campaign created on it is not triggering?

Ans. We currently do not support these events in Trigger Condition (IF/AND for Smart Trigger campaigns or Entry for Flows).

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