Understand different Access Roles

Currently, there are 4 different access roles that can be assigned to your team members on MoEngage Dashboard - Admin, Manager, Developer & Analyst. These access roles enable you to add your team on MoEngage account and at the same time ensure different permission restrictions depending on member's tasks.

Access Role description

  1. Admin: The person who created the app account is assigned the Admin role by default. There can only be one Admin for an account and has all permissions for the account - creating campaigns, changing account settings, inviting team etc.
    • Note: Admin role can not be assigned to any other member. However, Admin's email address can be updated in the "Edit Profile" section under top right corner drop-down menu.
  2. Manager: The person who will run marketing campaigns for live users, manage account and all settings. This member has all permissions to the dashboard (similar to Admin). There can be multiple managers in one account. Manager can invite 
  3. Developer: The person who will integrate your app/web with MoEngage. This member can access/test all features in TEST environment but has restricted access in LIVE environment as follows
    • Can only create campaigns and run segmentation queries for specifically added test users. Read more here about Test users
    • Can't view Billing details and can only add Developers to the account
    • Can't view campaigns created by Admin/Manager team members
    • Can't change Push FC and DND settings 
  4. Analyst: The person who has access to view/export campaign data, user segmentation data and setup daily reports. This member can not create any campaigns or change any settings (except setting up Reports)

Except Team management and Billing permissions, all role-based feature restrictions are applicable only in LIVE environment since there are actual user/events and campaign data in that environment. In TEST environment, all access roles (except Analyst) have permissions to run campaigns, change app settings etc. Read more here about TEST/LIVE environment

To summarize Team Management and Billing permissions:

  • Admin/Manager can view/change Billing and invite/manage permissions for Manager/Developer/Analyst 
  • Developer can not view Billing and only invite/manage permissions for other Developers
  • Analyst can not view Billing and can not invite/manage any permissions

In case you are facing any issues, you can click "Contact Support" under "Need Help?" drop-down menu.

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