Default Android SDK

This document list all the information which is collected by default with Android SDK. 

Default Events

Following are the events collected by MoEngage Android SDK

Event Name Description
Notification Received Android Tracked when a user receives a notification on the Android device.
Notification Clicked Android Tracked when a user clicks the notification on the Android device.
Notification Swiped Android Tracked when a notification is dismissed by the user with a swipe gesture on Android
In-App Shown Android Tracked when an In-App message is shown to the user on the Android device.
In-App Clicked Android Tracked when a user clicks In-App message on Android device.
In-App Closed Android Tracked when a user dismisses the In-App message by clicking on the close button on the Android device.
InApp Rating Done Tracked when a user submits a rating in InApp


Default User Attributes

MoEngage SDK provides helper methods or APIs for tracking the commonly used/tracked user attributes. Please make sure to use the helper methods for tracking these attributes. Below is the list of attributes for helper methods are provided.

  1. User ID
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Full Name
  5. Email Id
  6. Mobile Number
  7. Gender
  8. Location

Refer to the developer documentation to know more about how to use the helper methods.


Device Info

Following are the device attributes collected by MoEngage Android SDK

  1. Os Version (Optional)
  2. API level
  3. Model Name
  4. Product Name (Optional)
  5. Manufacturer (Optional)
  6. Google Advertising Identifier(GAID) (Optional)
  7. GAID tracking status (Optional)
  8. Carrier (Optional)
  9. Device Density (Optional)
  10. Device Width (Optional)
  11. Device Height (Optional)
  12. Android Id (Optional)
  13. Network Type
  14. Device Timezone

Note: Some of the above identifiers will not be tracked if data tracking is opted out.




Device information is collected but not available for analysis as of now on the MoEngage dashboard.


List of all MoEngage generated events and attributes

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