Data Archival Policies

As a data platform, MoEngage can save any amount of data that you want to use for your campaign segmentation, personalization and analytics. However, to optimize the time it takes for you to send out campaigns and run segmentation queries, we automatically archive the data that is no longer necessary.

Segmentation and Campaign Management

We save all your user data that you send to us in the form of events, users and devices and have the below policies for archiving these data formats when they can no longer add any value to your MoEngage activities -

Type Archival Policy Reason
Events* By default, events are available for Segmentation only for 60 days
i.e. you are able to segment user if the event is done/not done in last 60 days.
Event retention period is extendible on request.
Preserving events beyond 60 days will increase your segmentation time thus delaying your campaigns. We believe that in most of the cases, user activity beyond 60 days provides minimal incremental value to your campaign performance because of the lost context.
Users who are not identified AND are not reachable on either channel (push, email or SMS) AND have been inactive for 60 days are archived automatically Saving unidentified, unreachable and inactive users unnecessarily inflates your All User base and deteriorates your experience. Though it increases segmentation and campaign sending time (since we will be scanning more data), it still doesn't let you reach out to these unreachable users.
Users (Identified) Users who are identified with ID / Email_id / Mobile Number and haven't been active and haven't received any push / email / sms campaign for the last 1 year are archived automatically Saving users for a long period of time unnecessarily degrades the performance of your data activities on MoEngage and hence we have a default 1 year TTL on this which can also be customized as required.
Devices We archive devices which are not reachable via push notifications AND are inactive for 60 days Saving unreachable and inactive devices increases your push campaign sending time while providing no benefit in terms of outreach.

*Additional Things to note:

  1. The above archival policies are customizable on a use-case basis.Please reach out to your MoEngage Account Manager or write to us at for more details.
  2. We can provide extended event retention time for specific events in case of valid use-cases and you can always reach out to your Account Manager or write to us at if and when this is required.


We save all the data (users and events) for 1 or 2 years in MoEngage Analytics depending upon your subscription plan. We have longer retention periods for analytics as you may want to analyze your behavioral trends, funnels and cohorts over multiple months.


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