Value Suggestions in Segmentation

Value Suggestions is a small but very useful feature for MoEngage clients. Value suggestions are the exact values present in an event or user property, which is shown to the users while creating segments, so users don't have to remember long property names and can directly select the value.

Example - User is selecting the campaign name as event property, the system will show her the list of campaigns. If the list is long, she can type the value and shorten the suggested list.


Evaluation Criterias

Which event or user properties can have Value Suggestions?

Users can see suggestions for all the event and user properties which -

  1. Have been used in last 10 days for creating a segment,

  2. Have less than 1 million unique values,

  3. And where the character length of the value is not more than 100 characters.


What are the data types supported for the value suggestions?

We currently support only numeric and string values.


Can users select multiple values from the suggestions?

If a user has selected the condition as ‘In the following’, she can select multiple values.


How much time will it take to show the suggested values?

Users should see the results/suggestions as soon as they focus on the input field. The response time is less than 0.5 seconds.


Suggestions Debugging

Why am I not able to see the value suggestion or why the value suggestions are not loading?

It could be due to the reasons listed below -

  1. The user has not used the event property in creating segments for the last 10 days.

  2. The unique values in the event property are more than 1 million.

  3. The data type of the property is not a string or numeric.

  4. Character length for these values is more than 100 characters.
  5. The user has searched for values which are not present in value suggestions.


The user is able to see the long list of values in suggestions but not the value she is searching for?

MoEngage will show the top 30 values in the list by default, 8-10 being visible upfront.

Enter first few characters of the value you wish to search and get the list of values. If the list is still long then enter more characters until you find your desired value.

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