How to Change the In-App Template Background Overlay Color and Transparecny

The color gradient contains an optional parameter to specify the background transparency of the templates between 0 (transparent) and 100 (opaque). A low opacity means high transparency, whereas a high opacity means low transparency.

In app gradient.gif

Follow the steps below to use the transparency parameter while customizing the selected template for In-App Messages:



Ensure that you have initiated the In-app campaign creation process.

  1. Once you've selected a template in Step 2 of the campaign creation process, click the Template settings dropdown.
  2. Under Placement and Background, click the Background Color radio button.
  3. Click the background color input field to view the color palette.
  4. Scroll the color gradient bar from left to right to select the background color.
  5. Scroll the opacity bar from left to right to customize the transparency between the template and the screen behind it.
  6. Click the verticle ellipsis, select Save Template, or click Next to continue the campaign creation process.

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