Jun '16 Release - Add/Manage Team, Multiple App Support and See LIVE/TEST Data & more!

Starting June 10, 2016 we released major updates to the MoEngage Dashboard.

Add/Manage Team Members

You can now add team members to your account and assign different access roles (Manager, Developer & Analyst) to each member. Thus, simplifying the way you collaborate with your team while using MoEngage. This is available under top right corner drop-down. Read more here


Add/Switch between Multiple Apps

If your business supports multiple apps, you can now add and integrate all your apps to the same MoEngage account. And switching between apps is as easy as clicking a button. This is available as a drop-down near your App Name. Read more here

Access LIVE/TEST Environment

You can now see both TEST and LIVE environment data by simply toggling a switch in your account. This eliminates the need to use two different accounts for Test and Live data. This is available as a toggle switch on the top bar. Read more here

Snooze & Remind Later Actions (for Android)

As promised, we have launched some more actions for Android Notifications. Read more here. The two that we want to highlight are:

1. Remind Later - You can allow your customer to remind him/her of that notification as per the choice made by him. Here you can configure two remind instances - Today & tomorrow

2. Snooze- You can allow your customer to snooze the notification for certain number of hours.

Separate Settings 

We have also split Account Settings into -

  • Environment specific Settings - This is visible in the sidebar and is separate for TEST/LIVE environment. These include Push (FC, DND, Platform-wise settings), in-App NATIV, Emails (SMTP Connector settings), APIs, Analytics & App (Conversion Goal)

  • Profile, Team Management & Billing Settings - These are available under top right corner drop-down and common for LIVE/TEST environments.


New Analytics tab in sidebar

We have merged our Analytics offerings (Acquisition, Retention, Uninstalls & Data Exports) into a single tab called - Analytics. 

Easy Help/Support

We have made it easier for you get help:

  • Dashboard related documentation: Go to Help centre to read help content
  • Developer Docs: All technical documentation
  • Contact Support: You can raise a support request and our support will be there to help you.

Our motivation behind introducing these features is to enable easy team collaboration and reduce the trouble of managing multiple accounts - for both Test/Live data and multiple apps.

In case you are facing any issues, you can always reach out to your Account Managers or write to us at support@moengage.com.

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