Mar '16 Release - Uninstall Analytics, Personalized Emails, Automated Reports & more!

We have released new features using which you will get the power to analyze your app uninstalls, discover right reasons and deliver personalized emails to such users. We have also released updates to existing features - automated reports, Email template ZIP upload, campaign analytics and Smart Trigger FC - which enhance your marketing efforts

New Features

Uninstall Analytics

App Uninstalls generate a lot of questions but where are the answers? The key to all answers lies in data and with our new Uninstall Analytics, you can connect uninstalls to variety of user data - Sessions, LTV, Location, conversion events or other data that you are tracking.

What next? You can segment uninstalled users and re-target through personalized emails to get uninstall feedback or let them know the improved app update.

Personalized Emails

Understanding your customers is great and letting them know that you recognize them and their preferences is even better. Personalized Emails are more opened, read and clicked as compared to bulk email broadcasts. Use customer’s name, location, product they added to cart, flight they searched for or any other user data with individual fallback mechanisms to give you a solid failsafe check. You can also personalize URLs for different users.

Updates to current features

Automated Campaign Reports

You can now schedule to receive a daily report of all active campaigns on that particular day. Campaign reports contain variety of information - no. of users, impressions, clicks, conversions, platforms, GCM/APNS status - about your marketing campaigns. You can either receive these reports through email or through REST APIs.

Campaign Analytics

Your mobile marketing campaigns - push notifications & in-app messages - contain valuable performance metrics - impressions, clicks, conversions - about your users’ response. We have made changes to campaign analytics to make the performance metrics we track more relevant and meaningful to your business.

Email Template Upload

We have made it easier for you to create marketing emails. Simply upload the zip file of your email template - and you are done! You can then edit template or personalize the messaging in our beautiful WYSIWYG email editor.

Smart Trigger FC

Now, put a cap on the number of Smart Trigger push notifications sent to your users! This way you can control the triggered interactions in your app

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