Account lockout

Account Lockout

Account lockout is a security feature to lock an account with more than three failed login attempts. This keeps anyone or anything from guessing the username and password. 


Account lockout in MoEngage

If you have entered an incorrect password three times, your account gets locked for 180 minutes. 

Account Unblock - User

Once locked, you need to wait for 3 hours (180 minutes) to unblock your account.

Alternatively, reach out to your admin and get it unblocked.

Account Unblock - Admin

If you are Admin, to unblock a user account:

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Account >> Team Management.
  2. Search for the blocked account via email id. Screenshot_2022-10-10_at_2.39.46_PM.png
  3. Click Unblock beside the user name. 
  4. Once done, you will see a successful message toaster, and the user account will be unblocked. 

Now, the user should be able to log in using the correct credentials. 



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