Personlization using Content APIs

SMS Campaigns can be personalized using Content APIs to deliver relevant and timely information to the customers. 

Adding Content APIs

Content APIs can be added to the MoEngage Dashboard in the following navigation: Settings-> APIs-> Content API. Click on Add to add the Content API. Click here for more information.

Create a Personalized Campaign

To create an SMS campaign, follow the steps mentioned here. When you land on the second step of the campaign creation, type '@' in the Message section and add the call to the Content API.


Consider the following example: The brand wishes to target a specific set of users to receive messages about home loan interest rates and some offers on processing fees. This could be done using a Content API, as shown below.


Select the schedule of the campaign in the next step of campaign creation and publish the campaign. This campaign now gets sent to the targeted users. The following image illustrates how the user will view this message on their mobile device.


For more information on personalization language, refer to Templating Language Documentation.

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