Configure iOS Push

Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard: Settings -> Channel -> Push -> Mobile Push and configure the following settings:


iOS authentication can be configured in two ways: APNS authentication key and APNS provider certificate.

APNS Provider Certificate

Apple Push Notification Service(APNS) is necessary for sending push notifications to your iOS app. The APNS provider certificate needs to be created and converted into the '.pem' format and uploaded to the dashboard.

For information about creating the APNS certificate and uploading it to the dashboard, refer to APNS Certificate/PEM File.

APNS Authentication Key

Authentication Key is a token-based authentication mechanism and can be used for sending notifications to all the iOS applications owned by a business. Token-based authentication is faster than certificate-based authentication and is the preferred authentication mechanism. 

Terms to Know

Keyword Description
Key file This is the APNS Authentication Key File. It is available in the '.p8' format and needs to be uploaded to the MoEngage Dashboard as shown here.
Team ID The Team ID is generated by Apple for the developer account and is available in your  Apple Developer account. This value needs to be uploaded to the MoEngage Dashboard.Click here for more information.
Key ID This is the unique identifier for the authentication key that has been registered. This value needs to be uploaded to the MoEngage Dashboard.
Bundle ID A Bundle ID identifies your app uniquely in the Apple ecosystem. It is available in the Xcode. his value needs to be uploaded to the MoEngage Dashboard. Click here for more information.


Click on Save after adding all the above information.

For more information about creating the Authentication Key and uploading it to the dashboard, refer to APNS Auth Key.

Show iOS Impressions

Turn on the 'Show iOS Impressions' toggle and click on 'Save' to show the iOS impressions count in the Campaign Analytics and All Campaigns page. To enable iOS impressions count, additional integration with the iOS SDK is required. Refer to the Notification Service Extension section for more information.


Note: The 'Show iOS Impressions' toggle is turned off by default and is enabled only when the iOS SDK integration is completed.



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