Personalised Previews

Personalised previews allow you to preview the campaign's personalised message for one of your users. 

  • Pre-requisites: None 
  • Available for Push, SMS and Email campaigns. 
  • Support for all types of personalisation - user attributes, event attributes, product sets (DPM) and content APIs. 

Steps to preview personalised campaign content 

Push and SMS

1. Navigate to step 2 of campaign creation.Screenshot_2021-08-31_at_10.50.31_AM.png

2. Select preview type as Personalised below the preview screen. The system will randomly pick up a user and render the personalised preview for that user.

3. Click on the edit button next to change the default user.

4. Search for the desired user in the dropdown. Click Fetch user data. Screenshot_2021-08-31_at_12.09.34_PM.png

5. The system will load all the attributes that have been used in the campaign. The fallbacks wherever applicable will be shown right next to the attributes. Screenshot_2021-08-31_at_12.14.41_PM.png

6. You can play around with these values.

User and event attribute- These values are directly picked up from the user data. 

- Change the attribute values
- Switch between fallback and actual value

Once you are satisfied, click the refresh button to render the preview with the set values. 

Product Sets- These values are directly picked up from the product data. However, these are shown as JSON. You can change the JSON object as per your requirement and click refresh.  

Content APIs- We hit the configured APIs to fetch these values. Here also, you can change values in the JSON object for previews.  

Note- In case, the endpoint is not reachable we show an empty response. This will let you create your temporary data for preview purposes.  

7. Once, you are satisfied with the select user and preview, you can close the slide-out and continue with the campaign changes. The selected user details will be stored for your future previews. 



1. Navigate to step 2 of email campaign creation, click on previews.Screenshot_2021-07-15_at_12.06.23_PM.png

2. The pop up will show you a new tab for "Personalised previews". Screenshot_2021-08-31_at_12.12.25_PM.png

3. Similar to push and SMS, you can select a user and preview your email message for the selected user. Screenshot_2021-08-31_at_12.16.03_PM.png

Note- You can now also pass the personalised data for inbox previews. Just turn on the toggle while running inbox previews. Click here to know more about the inbox previews.  


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