Data Analysis for Transactional Emails using SendGrid API

MoEngage Analytics and User Profile module supports data gathering and analysis for transactional emails and campaigns created outside of MoEngage and sent using SendGrid.

To support the data analysis, MoEngage will use the Email Events Integration with SendGrid of the SendGrid API to receive the data.

When you use SendGrid and not MoEngage to send transactional emails:

  • The subscription status of the user in MoEngage is not considered.

  • Emails are sent to the users who have unsubscribed from marketing emails. 

For more information on receiving data into MoEngage, refer to SendGrid Data Integration.


Points to remember

  • Content is created and handled entirely outside of MoEngage
  • Emails or campaigns are not visible inside MoEngage
  • Follow SendGrid API format for payload and other details to send messages.
  • The subscription tracking is switched off at the sub-user level and allows you to surpass any subscription history of your user while sending Transactional Emails. 

Data Analysis for transactional emails using MoEngage

MoEngage uses the Email Events Integration with SendGrid to receive the data and display it in the user profile in MoEngage App. You check the status of events:

  • In the user profile of the user.
  • In the views in analytics using the attribute Category or sg_id.
    The attributes help in identifying the transactional emails created using the SendGrid in the MoEngage app. 

Benefits of using MoEngage for data analysis

  1. You will have a dedicated sub-user with dedicated IP so that the reputation of your promotional emails does not affect your transactional email sending reputation
  2. Your transactional emailing volume is billed along with the usual emailing volume. A single invoice for all the emailing streams is sent and price reduction is available to you when compared to others using the SendGrid services independently. 
  3. You get statistics and status on the email events in the MoEngage Analytics module for all transactional emails sent using SendGrid API.

Disadvantages of using only MoEngage for data analysis

  1. Content creation, personalization, and technical support for such campaigns and emails are not provided by MoEngage. 
  2. Campaigns and Emails are not saved and are not accessible in MoEngage App. 
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