Configure Kaleyra

MoEngage recommends you read how to create connector campaigns.  You can use connectors to send SMS using any SMS Service provider.

Note: Solutions Infini now Kaleyra is available as an integrated provider on the MoEngage dashboard. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > Channel > SMS & Connector > SMS General Settings, fill in the required fields and you are good to go. For more details on how to use integrated providers, please check this page.

Use the steps mentioned below if you want to set up a Solutions Infini API as a custom connector.

Go to Settings>> SMS & Connector >> SMS Connector Config. On this page click "Create" corresponding to Custom Connectors mceclip0.png 


Step 1: Set the Connector

Set a name for the Connector and corresponding Sender. You can create multiple Senders corresponding to a Connector or SMS provider. For more information, refer to this page

To create an SMS campaign, navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Engage > Campaigns > Create Campaign and go to Connectors. Click on Create custom connector.

Step 2: Configure Web-hook

Configure Web-hook URL (or Target Connector URL) . Choose GET/POST as suggested by your SMS API provider.

GET Method:

Once you enter your API Request URL, you will be able to see the URL parameters here:

Replace YourApiKey with API key provided by SoultionsInfini. In to field, you can personalize [using @] it to select user's mobile number. Ensure that selected attribute consists of user's mobile numbers.

Replace YourSenderId with the sender Id of your account provided by your service provider. Configure the message that you would want to send in the message field recommended by your service provider.

Step 3: Test and save the settings

Do a test SMS to make sure everything is set up correctly. And finally, click Save to save the settings. 

Now you are good to proceed with SMS Campaign creation. For more information about steps to create an SMS Campaign, refer to this link

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