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You can use connectors to send SMS via any SMS Service provider. In this example, we will explain how to send SMS using Netcore SMS API.

Before creating the campaign, ensure that you have FeedId, username and Password for Netcore Account. If you are not able to find these, reach out to your contact in Netcore.

To create an SMS campaign, navigate to MoEngage Dashboard>Engage> Campaigns and click Create Campaign. Click Create in Connector Campaign.CreateCampaign.png

Step 1: 

Add a suitable name for your campaign (e.g. you are creating a campaign to send out SMS)


Choose the Sending Type as per your use case. Say you want to trigger a SMS to customers who have done a certain event but have not received/clicked the notification sent to them, choose sending type as At trigger event.

Choose the target audience once you have decided the sending type. You can target all the users or users who fulfill certain user criteria/behavior criteria.

Step 2:

Configure Webhook URL

Use GET Method to send the API request.

Webhook URL : Just copy the below URL in Webhook URL Field:[[Mobile Number]]&Text=SampleMessage

Once copied, URL params will be populated automatically. You should be able to see something like this:


Change value for these keys: 

  • Feedid, username and password - Set as per your account credentials
  • To - In To field, you can personalize [using @] it to select user's mobile number. Ensure that selected attribute consists of user's mobile numbers.

  • Text - Configure the message that you would want to send in the Text field above. Ensure that you use the approved template message (approved by your SMS provider - Netcore in this case) for transactional type messaging.

If you are sending a transaction message, add additional URL Param

  • senderId - Should contain the Sender Id being allocated to your account by Netcore

Note: Before sending SMS campaign to your users, please ensure that 2 or more active/installed users are not mapped to same Mobile Number. If they are, those users will receive multiple SMSs. You can avoid that by choosing Mobile Number as De-dup key in Step 3.


Once you are done with campaign, you will be take to campaign analytics page. Analytics will be generated with-in an hour from the time your campaign starts sending. 


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