Dynamic product messaging enables marketers to communicate real time and contextual product information to the relevant target segments. Marketers can connect the product catalog to MoEngage and can use the product information in their campaigns.

Use cases

  • Funnel drop-off notifications
  • Price drop alerts
  • Product recommendations

Getting started

Setup consists of 3 steps

Step 1 - Create a product catalog - Product Catalogs are lists containing all information about items being used for campaign creation. Product Sets are created from Product Catalogs based on User Actions. 

Step 2 - Map the User actions - The actions performed by users on the app or website need to be mapped to events in MoEngage for MoEngage to be able to track the items impacted by those actions.

For example, when a user adds an item to their shopping cart, MoEngage needs to know which event contains this information so that it can track that event and store the item attributes associated with the event.

Step 3 - Create Product sets - The product sets are rules defined by the user to pick out items from a product catalog based on a user action. Once created, product set can be used in different types of campaigns.


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