Branch Integration for Install Attribution Data


Branch, one of MoEngage's Technology Partners allows you to track the install attribution data like the Publisher Name and Campaign Name of the Install in MoEngage which you can then use to enhance your marketing automation campaigns in MoEngage.

Integration Setup

For setting up the MoEngage <> Branch Integration, you can refer our integration guide here.

Once the integration is setup, you will start seeing two user properties in MoEngage, Publisher Name and Campaign Name. These are the install attributes denoting the publisher (Ad Network) from where the user installed the app and the ad campaign which resulted in the app install.


The Publisher Name and Campaign Name of Install give you an added insight into the persona of the user and you can leverage this data to enhance your on-boarding campaigns, user funnels and in general personalize your marketing automation activities on MoEngage. The next sections list a few popular use-cases on how you can leverage this data in MoEngage.


Custom Tracking

At times, your users may install your app from publishers who aren't tracked by Branch or who do not allow Branch to forward the install source information at a user level to MoEngage.

One of the possible workarounds to this is to fetch the install information from such publishers and forward them to MoEngage using the below APIs 





Details about the API Params -

Key Value
publisher_name Publisher name of install
campaign_name Campaign name of install
src branch
appID App ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings
advertising_id (for android only) Google Advertising Id of the device on which Install was detected
idfv (for iOS only) IDFV of the iOS device on which Install was detected
appAttributionKey Available on moengage dashboard by navigating to Settings -> Analytics -> Attribution


Enhanced On-boarding Campaigns

You can use the Publisher Name and Campaign Name of install, which are present as user properties in MoEngage, to create Segments and accordingly personalize the push notifications, in-app messages, emails and sms that you are sending them via MoEngage.

Install attribution data gives you an insight into how the users could progress further in their lifecycle right when they install the app. This is a very useful piece of information and can help you to enhance the performance of your on-boarding campaigns by improving retention, reducing the time to first conversion and also help drive a higher LTV per user.

Publisher Category Use-case
Publishers where average sessions per user are low Send push notifications periodically to increase the average no. of sessions per user, right from the time the users install the app.
Publishers where average LTV is high These are your potential premium users and you could implement a campaigns strategy to nurture them into your segment for premium users.
Publishers where the uninstall rate is high You could identify these users who have a higher propensity to churn immediately after they install the app and incentivize such users to make a first purchase which can in turn reduce your churn rate.

Analyze the performance of different publishers

Branch Integration can help in analyzing the effectiveness of your app install campaigns and sources in MoEngage. With the help of the data you are already tracking in MoEngage like user events, conversion goals and uninstalls, you can compare the performance of different app install campaigns you are running and also analyze the relative performance of installs from different publishers to optimize your marketing spends.

To analyze this data, you can view the MoEngage acquisition dashboard here.


If you are using MoEngage Analytics, you can also leverage the Publisher Name and Campaign Name information of Installs to analyze your user funnels.


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