Use Content APIs for Bulk Payloads

Personalization APIs allow marketers to send relevant, personalized content to their users dynamically. Every time a user meets the qualification criteria, marketers can hit the API with relevant user attributes and receive data that is personalized for the user in real time. However, in use cases where such personalization needs to be performed for a large number of users simultaneously, e.g. when a marketer wants to send personalized coupons for a large user segment at once, such APIs end up making a number of near-identical requests to the server, causing a load on the server proportionate to the number of users being targeted by the campaign.

With the Bulk API support from MoEngage, we can now send bulk requests where the payload consists of data of an entire batch of users in one shot, significantly reducing the number of calls on the server. This makes campaign sending faster and keeps the infrastructure efficient.

Using Bulk APIs

Similar to adding sequential APIs, the Bulk API addition option is available under Settings > API Settings.


Users have the option to configure their Static and Dynamic parameters via the UI and call them while creating campaigns for specific customizations.


Upon being included, the API call is displayed on the email editor as shown below:


In the above screenshot, we can see that for a specified Campaign ID, and a predefined Coupon code, email addresses in bulk are being sent to the server for authentication. When this campaign runs, for all the users who are part of the segment being targeted (let,s say 500000), their email addresses will be batched (say batches of 2000 each) and sent to the server for authentication, reducing the number of server calls from 500000 to just 250- sharply reducing the server load.


Please note this feature is only supported on the HTML code editor and not the drag and drop editor

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