Campaign Performance & Conversion Tracking in Flows

MoEngage Flows is a series of Cross-channel (across the channels viz. Email, Push, SMS, and so on) Lifecycle campaigns to be sent to your customers based on their actions/in-actions on your app/website.

Marketers who started using Flows came back to us with an interesting problem. They wanted to understand the impact of our Flow campaigns. They wanted to answer the following questions.

  1. How many users have entered the Flow?
  2. How many of the users who entered the Flow fulfilled the conversion goal event (say how many users made a purchase)?
  3. How many goal events were done by the users who converted (say how many times did these users make a purchase)?
  4. How are the campaigns in Flows performing individually (Impressions/Clicks/Conversions on campaign level)?

Set Conversion Goal

While creating a new Flow, set up the user event you want to track as the conversion goal if necessary.



Edit Conversion Goal

Once a Flow is published, changing the conversion goal will create a new Version. For more details on Editing a Flow, please click here

Flow Status Conversion Goal
Draft Can edit
Published/Paused Can edit
Retired/Stopped Can't edit


To edit, click on the Settings button and change/delete the conversion goal event.


See Flow Metrics



All the metrics are calculated and displayed in GMT.

Attribution: For a given user trip in the flow, the attribution window starts when the customer gets engaged by an Action campaign and ends when the defined attribution window gets over from the action campaign that the customer engaged with finally.

A user becomes an engaged user with respect to a channel type when the following events are received from the user in the flow trip for the concerned channel. 

Push: Notification received android / iOS ( if iOS delivery tracking isn't available, then notification sent iOS event is used to track engagement) 
Email: Email Opened
SMS: SMS delivered (If delivery is not tracked, then SMS sent)
Connector: Connector successfully sent
In-app Messaging: In-app message shown
OSM: Onsite message shown
Facebook: Facebook audience synced successfully
WhatsApp: Whatapp message delivered
Cards: Card viewed


In every Flow, you can now see 7 top-level metrics:

  1. Trips Started,

  2. Active Trips,

  3. Engaged Trips,

  4. Converted Trips,

  5. Conversions,

  6. Revenue, and

  7. Drop-offs (It will be shown only when Non-Primary Goals are viewed or when Revenue performance is not tracked with the Primary Goal.) 

For more information about the metrics and their definitions, please refer Analyze Flow

Campaign Performance

Additionally, on Flows Canvas, you can see how your individual campaigns are performing. Here is an example that shows the performance of a Push campaign in Flows.


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