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Isn't it uncomfortable to deliver a campaign at 6 pm IST to your customer currently in PST who might be sleeping tight in his blanket. You will be committing two sins here: 1. disturbing your user, 2. getting ignored. Not to worry. We have your back there!

MoEngage allows you to send the notifications to the users as per their local time zone i.e. If you schedule your campaign for 9:30 am IST, we will deliver to users in IST at 9:30 am IST and to users in PST at 9:30 am PST. Know:

 - How to send campaign in local time zone

 - How local time zone feature works 

How to send campaign in local time zone:

To send the campaign in recipient's time zone:

While scheduling a general push campaign, you can choose to send in recipient's time zone by ticking the check-box "Send in recipient's time zone".

If the difference between current time and your scheduled time is less than 24 hours, it might so happen that a few time-zones would have passed. You can decide to :

  • Not send any message to target users if time zone has passed
  • Send the message in campaign's default time zone i.e. Asia/Calcutta for the example below.


If you choose not to send, you will see the warning as below. Why?

To check the sending status:

Once you have created the campaign, you can check the delivery status across time zones in Time zone based delivery section of Campaign Analytics.

You should be able to see these status. Their meaning are as under:

  1. Not sent due to time lapse - Communication to users in this time zone has not been sent due to time lapse. The time lapse for a target time zone happens when campaign is scheduled for a time that has already been passed in that target time while creating the campaign
  2. Sent - Communication to users in this time zone has been sent completely
  3. Sending - Communication to users in this time zone is being sent
  4. Pending - Communication to users in this time zone will be sent as and when the scheduled time is clocked in respective time zone

To know how many users lie in certain time zone:

You can check how many of your users are in certain time-zone via our Segmentation query e.g. you want to check how many of the users are in Indian Standard Time (IST) which is UTC + 5:30 i.e. 330 minutes ahead of UTC , you can try the below mentioned filter. 


Similarly use value -330 for UTC - 5:30.

How this works ?

The feature uses Offset time (saved under User Info as e.g. +330 for TZ 5 hours 30 minutes ahead UTC) with respect to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) reported by/calculated from your user's device. We update Recipient's Time Zone as the last reported/calculated time zone of the user. There might be two cases here:

  1. Recipient Time Zone Info is not available - Users for whom Time Zone Info is not available will receive the campaign in time zone selected while campaign is created. You can check your App's Time Zone here in Account Setting.
  2. Recipient Time Zone Info is available - If time zone info is available for users, we will send them as and when campaign scheduled time is clocked in their time zone.

So when you schedule a campaign, we will try to understand what all timezones does your app users fall in. We will start by sending to the first time zone for your app users. For any timezone, there can be three scenarios with respect to your scheduled campaign:

  1. time has already passed in recipient's Time Zone - Depending on your choice either we won't be sending the campaign to the users or send in campaign's default time zone
  2. time is now - We will fetch the users fulfilling the segment criteria and start sending the campaign to the users in this timezone
  3. time will occur later in recipient's Time Zone - When the right time comes, we will identify the users fulfilling the segment criteria and we will send the campaign to these users in this time zone.

Since some time zones are ahead of that of marketer’s, to ensure that no zones miss their scheduled time, one needs to set up these campaigns at least 24 hours before one want it to go out in his/her time zone. To ensure that Scenario 1 (i.e. time has already passed) does not happen, it is strongly recommended to create your campaigns at-least 24 hours in advance if you are in World's last time zone.

Important note: The feature is not supported for campaigns targeting the segments created by CSV.

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