Frequency Cap

As you create multiple Email Campaigns to target your users, its possible that some users may fall into multiple segments and thus receive more emails in a day.

We, therefore, have developed Email Frequency Capping (FC) feature using which you can limit the emails you send to a user in specified no. of days. This capping is applicable for both General Emails and Smart Trigger Emails.

You can configure FC in the following steps:

Step 1: Head over to FC & DND on MoEngage Dashboard -> Settings (sidebar) -> Email Settings -> FC & DND

Step 2: Here, switch ON the Frequency Capping toggle button and enter the no. of emails you wish to send over specified no. of days (for ex. 3 emails in 2 days). You can also reset the Frequency Cap at 00:00 GMT daily - this is useful when you send your campaign late on a day and want to send an early morning campaign the other day.

Click on "Save" and you can now send emails to your users without worrying if you are sending too many emails to your users.

Note: It is possible that you want some important emails to go out irrespective of Frequency Capping. You can do this for Smart Trigger Email by selecting Ignore Frequency Cap under Advanced settings while creating Smart Trigger Email campaign



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