Test Silent Push Notification for Android / iOS

MoEngage tracks Android and iOS uninstalls by sending silent push notifications to devices. Before enabling uninstall tracking it's very important to ensure that silent pushes are being handled by app SDK. We provide a feature under Uninstall Settings to test whether silent pushes are being handled correctly.

How to test silent push notifications?

      1. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > General Settings.
      2. For Android, you can find the "Test Here" link below "Android Uninstall Tracking", and similarly, for iOS, the link is under "iOS Silent Pushes".                                                                       
      3. In the dialog box, select a user attribute and provide values corresponding to the selected attribute. You can enter multiple values by hitting enter.                                             
      4. Click on "Test Silent Push". The results table will tell you whether the silent notification was delivered to the user identified by attributes. You can see detailed explanations of error messages here.TestResults.png

What should you expect?

If the app is installed on the device and integration is correct, the success count should be non-zero, and you should not see blank notifications on the device.

If the app is uninstalled on the device, you should get a NotRegistered Error for Android.

If both these criteria are satisfied, your test is successful, and you can enable "Android Uninstall Tracking" for Android and "iOS silent pushes" for iOS to analyze uninstalls comprehensively under the Analytics tab. For any other errors, please check with your dev team for integration-related issues.

In case you face any issues, you can always reach out to us at support@moengage.com

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