Configuring Uninstall Analytics


Uninstall Settings provide you with platform-level controls for the Uninstall tracking.
You can enable uninstall tracking for Android under Settings-> Analytics-> Uninstalls Settings.

  • We track uninstalls for Android daily. Once you enable uninstall tracking, you can view the updated uninstall stats from the next day onwards.
  • If you disable this setting for a platform, we will stop actively searching for uninstalls for that platform. However, failed-delivery attempts of push campaign messages will still show up as uninstalls.
  • Uninstalls can only be tracked for users who opted-in for push notifications.
  • By default, uninstall tracking is enabled on the test environment. This would expose you to all kinds of integration errors that can occur if silent pushes are not handled properly. Once you resolve those issues, make sure to enable uninstall tracking on your app's live environment. 
  • You can also test silent push notifications for Android before enabling them. Learn more about testing the silent pushes here


Uninstall tracking for iOS was deprecated from August 10th, 2023, following a significant adoption of iOS 15 and 16 versions which do not support tracking of failed delivery attempts using silent push. However, failed delivery attempts of regular push campaign messages will still show up as uninstalls for iOS devices.

Android Uninstall Tracking

  • If you are handling pushes yourself, please ensure that you are handling silent pushes as well before enabling this.
  • If you observe blank notifications with no text or logo in your application, it is possible that some custom handling of push notifications and silent push is not handled by the application. Disable Android Uninstall Tracking by navigating to MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > App > Analytics > Uninstall Settings.

In case you have any issues, you can always reach out to us at

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