Segment Uninstalled users

Tracking which of your users are uninstalling your app can help you in multiple ways: to analyze who they are and what is leading them to uninstall in the first place and to win them back once they have uninstalled, through targeted marketing emails.

To see a list of your users who have uninstalled your app within a timeframe, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Segmentation" page from the sidebar.
  2. On the Segmentation tab, select "Device Uninstall" (under Derived Filter) as your filter.
  3. Select the number of times you want the user to have triggered the "Uninstall" event.  It’s possible that some users might have uninstalled, reinstalled, and uninstalled again within a time period. Choose "at least" one to include such users.
  4. (Optional) To get a deeper look into particular groups of users, you can select one or more attributes from the dropdown to narrow the segment. These include:
    • Days since last active - represents the number of days between last active time and uninstall time
    • Days till last active - represents the number of days between install time and last active time
  5. Select the specific time period for which you want to see the results.


For uninstalled users, MoEngage can no longer send push notifications. The best way for you to reach out to them is to create email campaigns. However, the user might have reinstalled the app later, so an additional segmentation is required to check if the user is still in the uninstalled state. You can use a combination of Device Uninstall event and Segment is Uninstalled to find these users.

You can save the segment you created above as a custom segment and target emails to those users. Alternatively, you can use the same logic in the campaign creation page to create a segment on the fly. Of course, the email addresses for these users need to be present as a user attribute to send them emails successfully.



  • Due to the nature of the mechanism used to detect uninstalls, it might take up to a couple of days from the time a user uninstalled your app for uninstalls to show up
  • On iOS, uninstalls can only be tracked for users who opted-in for push notifications. 
  • For Android, the Uninstall Time is the time when we detected the app to have been uninstalled, which may not be the same as when the app was actually uninstalled.
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