Creating User Segments

Before you start with segmentation, do ensure that MoEngage SDK integration and Event tracking is completed for your app/website. More details on integration in our documentation

The segmentation feature allows you to segment your users based on their attributes and actions in your app/website. Heads up! You can follow it up with creating a campaign targeted to these segments. Learn more about creating campaigns in this article. 

Steps to create a segment

Step 1: Click on segmentation on the sidebar. Option to select ALL/ANY from the drop-down.

ALL – implies the AND function - Intersection of all user attributes/events
ANY – implies the OR function - Union of all user attributes/events


Step 2: Select the User Attribute/Event from the drop-down for creating the segment. 


User Attributes allow additional filters on attribute values to narrow down the segment:

User Events allow additional filters on:

1. Event execution:  

  2. Event frequency: 

  3. Event attributes: Multiple attributes can be added here for any event 



  4. Event Duration (in days): 


Step 3: Add additional User Attributes/Events by clicking on button

Depending on whether you chose AND/ANY in Step 1, the multiple user attribute/event association will be decided


Step 4: See count of users in the created segment by clicking on button



The user count shows up in the Recent Queries section along with details about the segment filters with multiple other options of viewing and exporting user data. More details on Recent Queries section in this article

Save a Custom Segment

After creating a segment, you can save it as a custom segment.


Saving custom segments enables you to target a particular segment while creating a campaign without having to apply the same filters again on user attributes/events again. Read more about custom segments in this article.

With custom segments you also have an option to exclude users from specific custom segments by selecting from this drop down while creating the segment.


After creating a user segment, you are now ready to target this segment through a campaign. Learn about creating campaigns in this article.  

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