Push Throttling

Push throttling allows you to control the rate of sending push notifications. This is great if you want to spread the load on your servers over a period of time instead of spiking the traffic.

Setting it up

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Push -> FC & DND.
  2. Click the FC & DND Tab, you will be able to set throttle limits for your campaigns.




Throttling only works for campaigns where the target segment is larger than 500K users. Notifications for different platforms (For example, Android, iOS, or Web) are sent in parallel. Hence throttling logic will be applied independently to all the platforms.

For example, the Marketer has set the throttling value as 120 mins. Hence notifications for Android will be distributed over two hours, and so will the notifications for iOS and Web. 

Throttling at the Campaign level

In addition to the global settings for throttling, you can choose to set different throttling settings for individual One Time and Periodic Push Campaigns that is, if there is a specific campaign that you want to send faster or slower than usual, campaign-level throttling will help you achieve that.


The default setting for throttling at the campaign level will be populated from the global settings:

  • If Push Throttling is ON in Global Settings - The same value of throttling will be shown as default in the Throttle Pushes setting inside a General Push Campaign 

  • If Push Throttling is OFF in Global Settings - The Throttle Pushes setting will have the default value of 15 mins. 

In both cases, you can change the throttle speed while configuring a campaign and set different throttle options for different campaigns.



If the values are different in Global Throttling Settings and Campaign Throttling, campaign-level throttling will be given priority and will be applied.

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