Onsite messaging and Mobile In-app in flows

Now you can use our Onsite and Mobile in-apps channels in addition to other channels to interact with your users from a flow. 



You can add these stages at any point in your flows when enabled. Once added, please configure all the mandatory fields before publishing the flow. You can read about how to add an In-App message here and about Onsite messaging here.

User Qualification

For both In-App and on-site action campaigns, the user qualifies to receive the configured message as soon as they reach that stage during their flow trip. Upon qualification, the user will receive the campaign in their next app/website session after they satisfy the configured trigger conditions.

You can wait for users to interact with the action campaign using one of the below conditional stages.


Similarly, for the Onsite messaging campaign, you can use one of the below conditional stages.



 If you do not wish to wait using the conditional nodes, the user will move forward in the flow to the next stage after successfully qualifying for both In-App and onsite action campaigns. 


Unlike the other channels, for both In-App and onsite action campaigns, you can choose to schedule how long the configured action campaign should remain "active" this can be set up relative to when each user reaches that stage in the flow or can be fixed. 

If you choose to set up a fixed schedule that ends at 4:00 PM on Friday the 13th 2021. Then any users reaching that flow stage after that point will not qualify for the configured action campaign and will move forward to the next flow stage instantaneously. 

Once a user has qualified for a campaign, they can perform the trigger action only till the end schedule configured by you. After that, they will not receive the configured message even after performing the trigger condition.  


While adding the campaign, you can use any of the below-mentioned attributes to personalize the content of your message 

  1. User profile attributes
  2. Campaign trigger event attributes
  3. Flow entry trigger event attributes (in case of triggered flows)
  4. Flow has done event attributes



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