Set up SSL for link branding domain on SendGrid

Steps to set up SSL on the SendGrid link branding domain

  1. Set up link branding and validate on Sendgrid.

    SSLLinbkBranding (1).png

  2. Configure SSL for link branding domain - - similar to how you’d configure SSL for your website -
        • To configure the link branding domain for CDN providers, refer to Configuring SSL Certificates and Keys.
        • To configure the link branding domain for custom SSL configuration (anything that is not CDN), some additional steps might be required to forward traffic to to facilitate click tracking. For more information, refer to Custom SSL Configuration.
        • In the above example, if you need to change the CNAME record for to point to your own servers instead of, you can do so. Do not make any changes to the record. Verify the same.
  3. Verify whether SSL is added. 
        • You can verify using Google Chrome. Just enter the link branding domain,, in a Chrome tab.
        • You will see a “Connection is secure” message if the SSL has been added successfully, as shown below.


        • If SSL has not been added, you will see a “Your connection to this site is not secure” message, as shown below.


        • To validate that the click tracking is working as expected, publish a campaign to yourself, click on the links in the email, and verify the statistics. 
  4. Enable SSL click tracking on Sendgrid. The EDC team from MoEngage will do this after you confirm the first three steps are done. If you are using your own Sendgrid, raise a support ticket with Sendgrid for the same.
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