Create Product Catalogs


A Product Catalog contains information about products that you want to use in your campaigns. Product Catalogs are populated using feeds of Product information called Product Feeds. Once a Product Catalog is created, we can apply different filters on it and create Product Sets which can be used in campaigns to showcase products as per the applied filters.


Depending on your requirements, you can either create a single Product Catalog for all the products you upload to MoEngage, or you can create separate catalogs for different purposes.  Furthermore, you can also add the same product to multiple catalogs by adding them to the feeds of different catalogs.

Creating Product Catalogs

Product catalogs can be found on the Product > Product Catalogs page in the application.


To create a new Catalog, Click on the Create Catalog button. You can create a Product Catalog by providing just a name for the catalog.


Once a Product Catalog is created, you can upload or connect Product Feeds to it to populate the catalog with product information.


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