Flows - Edit, Duplicate, Pause/Resume & Stop

Once created, Flows can be:

  1. Saved - To continue flow completion and publish later
  2. Published - To make it live and active so that it can start targeting the end users

Both these actions are present on right top bar. These are the actions that are present in each Flow depending on the Flow Mode e.g. if Flow is not yet published, you will have an option to Publish it, Save the changes made or duplicate it to create a similar but new workflow.



Once published, the Flow will show the stats on users entering the flow and their performance at every stage of the flow. 

You can only edit and modify the content of every action stage and the configured conditions. Adding or Removing any new stages is not a valid action. 

Once any stage is edited and Flow is re-published with new changes, users that have crossed the edited states will be unaffected. Only the users that are arriving at the edited states afresh will be re-evaluated with new conditions or sent the latest messages.

If you wish to change the Flow such that new stages have to be added, stop the existing flow and duplicate it to create a new Flow.


Marketers can also duplicate an existing Flow by clicking on the duplicate icon in the top right bar.


This will open a duplicate instance of the already created Flow in a new tab which can then be changed, saved, and published.


An active Flow can be paused by clicking on the Pause option placed right below flow name.


Once paused, the active flow trip pauses at its current flow stage and won’t advance to the next stage. Due to pause, it might so happen that few users can get indefinitely stuck on any of the Flow stages even after resuming the Flow.

In paused state:

  • new users will not enter the Flow
  • No message will be sent
  • No condition will be evaluated
  • Users that are already in Flow won’t advance

Any paused Flow can be resumed as and when marketers want. Once resumed, the system will start processing the active flow trip users from the Flow stages they were at the time of pausing the flow.


Flow once published can also be permanently stopped by clicking the Stop option available next to the pause icon.


When stopped the users currently in the flow stop at their current stage and no new users can enter the flow once stopped.  Flow once stopped cannot be resumed.

Retiring a Flow 

While stopping the flow Marketers can choose to allow the users currently in the flow to move forward towards a flow exit while stopping any new entries into the flow. We term it as Retiring a flow. 

Beta Alert

Retiring a flow is currently a Beta Feature, if you wish to try out this feature please reach out to support@moenage.com.

This is especially useful while duplicating a flow to add or remove stages from the exiting flow. When the duplicated flow is published make sure to retire the original flow to avoid users entering in both flows.

When enabled for your account, the option to retire the flow will be available after choosing to stop a flow. You should select the second option from the popup(shown below) for retiring the flow. 




In this scenario, if retired the exiting 15,796 users currently in the flow will continue their trip as their user behavior thorough the flow and eventually exit the flow.



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