Smart triggers not working on S2S events, how to resolve?

S2S events has to be modified a bit, for them to be considered for smart triggers. There is a flag you need to pass as part of S2S events.

You should use an additional key "real_time_action": "true" in the API request which can be added while sending the events to us. 

PFB the sample request:

"type": "event",
"customer_id": "1234567890",
"actions": [{
"action": "Set MPIN Failure",
"real_time_action": "true",
"attributes": {
"date": "2017-02-06T15:49:28.744Z"
"platform": "IOS",
"app_version": "2140",
"user_time": "1486376368",
"current_time": "1486376368"

The presence of this key in your request tells our system that these events have to be considered for smart triggers.

If you are still facing any issues, please write to us at;

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