Frequency Capping

Frequency capping allows you to limit how many times connector data be sent for a user during a particular time period.

To enable Frequency Capping for Connectors, do the following:

      1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings-> Channels -> SMS & Connectors -> FC&DND Tab.
      2. Enable the Frequency Capping toggle in the Connector Frequency Capping Section.
      3. You can set the maximum number of connector requests per user per 'n' days in the fields below.
      4. Select the Frequency Capping Refresh every day in either the App timezone or the User timezone.
      5. Click Save to save your changes.


How does frequency capping work?

Say a marketer has set Frequency Cap as two per day. In such a case, the connector data will be sent a maximum of 2 times (combined total for scheduled and triggered deliveries) per day to the user. For more information, refer to Frequency Capping

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