Email Campaign Info Page

Email campaigns convey valuable information about how the campaign performed in terms of open/clicks/conversions, did the recipients consider it as a spam, did it lead to unsubscribes etc. This information can help you to improve the emails you send and to which users you send these emails.

We aggregate these information and show on the campaign info page of the email campaign which you can see by clicking on any campaign on All Campaigns page:

  • SENT: This is the total number of emails that have been sent. This number is arrived at after removing dupilcate/invalid emails, bounces/unsubscribed/complained users and removing emails due to email Frequency Capping and Personalization failures. Read more about Email Campaign Delivery breakdown
  • OPENS: This is no. of unique users who opened the email
  • CLICKS: This is no. of unique users who clicked on any of the links in the email. Detailed insights into clicks data can be seen in "Clicks Analysis" tab as mentioned in this article.

  • CONVERSIONS: This is the no. of conversion events that occurred as part of the campaign conversion goal
  • CONVERTED USERS: This is the no. of unique users who did the conversion event

The following statistics are available for Default SMTP Connector and for Third Party connectors only if Unsubscribe Tracking is enabled in email settings and POST calls for Bounce & Complaints Tracking from SMTP connectors are sent to callback url mentioned in email settings. Refer Third Party Connector email settings for more info.

  • UNSUBSCRIBES: This is the no. of users who unsubscribed after receiving this email. No further emails will be initiated to this unsubscribed user.
  • COMPLAINTS: This is the no. of users who marked this email as spam complaint.
  • HARD BOUNCES: This is the no. of email addresses that hard bounced because they were incorrect and mail server rejected these emails.

This information will help you in improving campaigns to ensure better opens, clicks, conversions and lower unsubscribes and complaints.

Campaign Delivery Breakdown

To get an understanding of how an email campaign is sent after removing invalid, duplicate, bounced, unsubscribed and complaint email addresses, you can refer to this FAQ.


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