Nov '15 Release - Profiling users on Websites, Editing Custom Segments, Frequency Cap & more

In November, we worked on a bunch of features to help you stay in control of the numbers of interactions you have with your users. We introduced our Web SDK for tracking user behaviour on your website / mobile website. We have also added the capability to edit, duplicate and archive your custom segments to simplify managing your audiences.

New Features

  • Profiling users on Web / Mobile Web - You can now integrate our Web SDK with your website for seamlessly tracking user activity across your website and apps. This way you receive information about your user behaviour when he is active on your website and can target your users through Email campaigns. We automatically build single user profile for his/her behaviour on web and app. Read more about Web SDK integration in our docs and/or reach out to your Account Manager for any queries.
  • Edit/Duplicate/Archive Custom Segments - All custom segments that you create from now on can be duplicated, archived or edited to add/remove filters. This way you can manage your audiences better and target your custom segments effectively.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) hours for Smart Trigger Push Campaigns - This will prevent a push notification being sent to the user during certain odd hours such as Midnight to morning 8 am. You can access and enable this feature under Push Settings where you can select the time duration for DND. For ex. If you have created a Smart Trigger Campaign to be sent 2 hours after the user installs your app. Now, in case the user installs the app at 10:30 pm, enabling DND hours for midnight to 8 am will send this notification to the user at morning 8 am (instead of 12:30 am as per the 2 hour smart trigger).

  • Location based Segmentation - You can now target your customers based on derived attributes such as Country, State, City & Pincode from their last known location. This way you can effectively create campaigns for users from a particular location. For ex. if you want to give exclusive offer to your users in a particular city, you can create a segment based on the derived filter "Last Known City".

  • Updated Help Support - We have made it easier for you to search and access Dashboard Help content directly through the help button in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard. It also has an option to direct you to this Help Centre by scrolling to the bottom of the content and clicking on view original article. In case you need further help, you can leave us a message and we will get in touch with you.


Extended Functionality for existing features

Frequency Capping (FC)

  • Frequency Capping is now applicable across all types of push campaigns
  • Test Campaigns now ignore Frequency Capping enabling you to test without having to change active FC Settings. 
  • Now, you can create campaigns that ignore the Frequency Capping Settings under Scheduling tab of Campaign Creation. For ex. App Update campaigns that need to be sent irrespective of the fact that user has already received a notification (assume Frequency Cap = 1) can be set to ignore Frequency Cap.

Email Settings

Do reach out to us if you have any questions about how you can effectively engage your customers.

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