Frequency Capping for Push

In the article you can know:

  1. How to configure frequency capping (FC)
    1. Common FC
    2. Smart Trigger FC
  2. How FC works

Frequency Capping is a feature that allows you to limit how many push messages your users will get during a particular period of time. 

How to enable and configure

To enable Frequency Capping go to Settings-> Push ->FC & DND


Set the value to desired number. You can also reset the Frequency Cap at 00:00 GMT daily, useful when you send your campaign late on a day and want to send an early morning campaign the other day. Do not forget to click on Save Button to save your changes.

We have also implemented capping for Smart Trigger Campaigns which can be set from same page as above under Smart Trigger campaigns. Settings->Push -> FC & DND -> Smart Trigger Campaigns

Also don't forget to Save your settings once you change them. Smart Triggers also have a DND Setting. Read about DND Setting for Smart Triggers here.

How this works?

Case 1: Marketer has switched OFF both (Common FC and Smart Trigger FC) the capping
Effect: There won't be any capping in place and customers will get whatever notifications are sent to them

Case 2: Marketer has set Common Setting Frequency Cap as 2 while has switched OFF the Smart Trigger capping.
Effect: The customers will get a maximum of 2 notifications (combined total for General Push/Smart Triggers/Geo-Fence Pushes/ Transactional Push) in chronological order.

Case 3: Marketer has switched OFF Common Setting FC but has set Smart Trigger Capping as 2.
Effect: Customers will receive a maximum of 2 Smart Triggers while there won't be any cap on GeoFence/General Push/Transactional Push.

Case 4: Marketer has switched ON both the capping. Common Setting FC is set to 2 while Smart Trigger Capping is set to 3.
Effect: Customers will receive a maximum of 3 Smart Triggers and 2 more pushes from any of GeoFence/General Push/Transactional Push combined.

Case 5: Marketer has Common Setting FC  set to 2. Customer receives 2 notifications and then

  • Common FC is set to 3
  • Common FC is set to 1 


  • Common FC is set to 3 - Customer can receive one more push
  • Common FC is set to 1 - As 2 pushes have already been received by customer, no further push would be send to customer till FC gets reset.

Case 6: Marketer had Smart Trigger Capping OFF while Common Setting FC is set to 2. Customer receives 2 Smart Triggers and switched ON the Smart Trigger Capping and set it to 1.
Effect: Given that both that capping numbers are managed in different buckets and applied since the time they are switched ON, marketer will be able to send 1 more Smart Trigger but not any of GeoFence/General Push/Transactional Push.

We additionally have campaign level capping in Geo-Fences which can control the maximum number of messages from a particular Geo-Fence campaign. It can be set while one creates a Geo-Fenced campaign.

Note: Frequency Capping is an App level setting and will only function for upcoming campaigns during the given period; Once ON,  campaigns during the same period will be used to calculate the cap.



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