Oct '15 Release - Recent Queries, Exports, Cohorts & More

We have a bunch of new features to share with you in this October release. Firstly, you are reading this on our new Helpdesk. Some of our clients already got a chance to talk to us via live chat & also by raising support tickets. We believe this will help us streamline our support & success efforts.

On the feature front, here is a quick list of new features:

Recent Queries in Segmentation

You can now view a history of your recent Segmentation queries or run multiple segmentation queries at a time to save time (Read more).

Data Export Capabilities

Data is what drives decisions. You want at times use tools like Excel to build complex reports for your presentation with your heads. Or, you might want to look at users who fall in a given segment. To empower you with Data, we have rolled out Export capabilities both for Segments (Read More) & Campaigns (Read More).  


Now track your retention trends across weeks and months (Read More).

Improved In-App Smart Triggers

We have revamped our In-App Smart triggers to include segmentation based on User attributes, we have also provided better Frequency capping to the feature, which you would have already used in In-Apps.

Personalisation in Smart Trigger Push campaigns

You can now personalize your Push Smart Trigger Campaigns with User & Event Attributes. So instead of sending a message like "You items in cart are still available" you can send a message like "Hi Rob, Your Playstation is ready for check out". Some of our clients are seeing great conversions with personalized smart triggers.

Update on how we count App Opens

Historically we always Derived App Opens independently of session, but the same can cause confusion in some scenarios. Thus we changed the mechanism of calculation, we now count an App open once per session.

Improved Acquisition Metrics Screen

Acquisition are important to track. They help you evaluate your Marketing spends. We now allow you to filter your acquisition data by date & Platform.


You can now send us tracking data directly from your server. It is great for sending events which are not generated on the App, for example "Item Shipped" or "Trip Completed".

Transactional Campaigns 

In addition, since this is the first time we are doing this, here is a list of other recent updates. 

  • Improved Segmentation
    • Acquisition Events
    • Engagement Events

You can now use your Acquisition data or Campaign Engagement events in segmentation. Great for sending a welcome message based on the Ad creative you showed, or sending reminder notifications to folks who have not clicked on your previous notification 

  • Email as a new Channel

Re-engaging users is critical. While we allow you to track Uninstalls, we did not have a channel for you to reach out to our uninstalled, or for that matter lapsed users. With Emails, you can now reach out to such users. 

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